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Lobster Thermidor

Dec 08, 2017
Classic French dish, lobster with creamy white wine butter sauce and hint of mustard

Lobster Thermidor

Serves:     Total: 40 min     Prep: 25 min     Cook: 15 min


2 cooked lobsters


    For the butter:

    140g butter- softened
    150ml dry white wine
    1 shallot - very finely chopped
    handful tarragon - leaves, chopped
    handful parsley - leaves, chopped
    1 tsp Dijon mustard
    juice 1⁄2 lemon
    pinch paprika
    dash Tabasco sauce
    5 tbsp. parmesan - finely grated


    Simple recipe based on a creamy butter sauce with mustard, and white wine. 
    Using whole cooked lobster cut into halves, remove the meat, cut into bite sites pieces, add back to shell with flavoured butter sauce, cheese on top, heat under griller. 

    Steps as follows:

    - Preheat oven broiler – top element in oven.

    - Cut the lobsters in half, lengthways. Remove all the meat from tail, claws and any edible meat in the head. 

    - Cut the extracted meat into small bite-sized pieces.

    - Wash and dry the head cavity and tail section cavity for re-use in this recipe.

    - Lay the half lobster halves open side up on baking tray.

    Divide and spread the meat evenly between the two halves of each lobster.
    Prepare the butter sauce:

    - Melt butter on low medium heat in saucepan. Add wine and shallots, simmer to get rid of most of water. Allow the shallots to soften but not brown. Add the tarragon and parsley leaves. Add the remainder of the ingredients except for the parmesan paprika and paprika, mixing well.

    - Allow the butter sauce to cool.

    - Pour butter sauce evenly over the meat in the shell.

    - Sprinkle over the parmesan as a topping. Evenly sprinkle over the paprika.

    - Cook under broiler for 3-4 minutes until gold brown and butter is bubbling