Giaveri Oscietra Classic Caviar 15g/tin (PRE - ORDER 14 DAYS)

Giaveri Oscietra Classic Caviar 15g/tin (PRE - ORDER 14 DAYS)

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Portion for 1 person

A little about me
Oscietra Classic is classified as one of the most awarded caviar. With a smaller, firmer egg appearance than Beluga, the flavour of this caviar is even more delicious with “malossol” salt. which is the traditional way of eating. It has a slightly salty sea taste. Best mixed with hazelnuts.
Origin : Italy
Taken from sturgeon roe. Russian breed or more so called ‘Gueldenstaedtii’ takes up to 8 years to breed and the colour is a dull dark grey or brown. Size is about 2.9 mm; color light-amber.

Recommended cooking
Must be eaten with a pearl spoon, to avoid reaction with caviar to spoil the taste. It has a completely smooth surface, making it soft and smooth when scooping caviar. The smoothness and lightness of the pearl spoon also does not dissipate the air bubbles between the caviar beads. When scooping caviar, the lightness of the caviar can be maintained.

Store in the refrigerator with the can is opened. Best, refrigerate with crushed ice. Caviar stored unopened can last up to 4 weeks. Once open, store at temperature close to 0c and should be eaten within 5 days. It is recommended to use plastic wrap on the surface of the caviar. Uneaten weir, then seal the lid. Do not freeze.

Nutritional information (per 28g portion)

Kcal : 73.5000
Protein (g) : 6.825
Carbohydrate (g) : 1.12
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 5.075
Cholesterol (mg) : 164.5
Sodium (mg) : 42

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