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The Wakame Bowl ยำสาหร่ายวากาเมะ

The Wakame Bowl ยำสาหร่ายวากาเมะ

THB   99.00  / Unit


ยำสาหร่ายสากาเมะ 1 ถ้วยใหญ่


  • Wakame 

  • Seaweed 

  • Green soy bean ( EDAKAME) 

  • Inari Small (Ajitsuke Inari) 

  • Purple Cabbage

  • Shibazuke Pickled Japanese Cucumber

  • White Sesame

  • Sesame Oil

  • Japanese Dressing Sesame Soy Sauce 


Unit ( 1 Unit / unit )
Unit ( 1 Unit / unit )


ยำสาหร่ายวากาเมะ ปรุงรสแสนอร่อย เต็มไปด้วยสารอาหารจากวัตถุดิบพรีเมียม  



Made fresh daily
All our food is made fresh every day,
not the day before to ensure
the taste is naturally at its best.


Our menus celebrate high in nutrients
but low in saturated fats.


Quality Salmon
We only select superior grade salmon
and trout from the crystal clear water
of Norwegian fjords. We work directly
with our producers to ensure maximum
freshness and full traceability.


All our sushi and sashimi are hand-cut
and rolled with love
and care by our sushi specialist.


We are committed to not only
making delicious and healthy food
but also one that is ethically sourced.
From minimising our plastic
consumption to running daily
promotions to reduce food waste.