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ปลาแซลมอนธรรมชาติรมควัน Labeyrie 75 gm/pack

ปลาแซลมอนธรรมชาติรมควัน Labeyrie 75 gm/pack

THB   359.00  / pack

Feed 1 person



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Wild Pacific Salmon, firm and intense, smoked with Beech wood. Vacuum packed.

Kcal : 126.0000
Protein (g) : 24
Carbohydrate (g) : 0.8
Sugars (g) : 0
Fat (g) : 3

!Contains Fish

This French fine foods brand created by Robert Labeyrie 70 years ago. This wild salmon is caught in the cold open waters of the Pacific.

Firm texture, intense color and a special smoked flavour of beech wood that give it a personality of character.

Keep well chilled. Store in ice or refrigerator (0-3C). Consume within 3 days of opening the pack. Do not exceed the expiry date. Do not freeze.