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World of Caviar
World of Caviar

Caviar Giaveri is a name that connoisseurs increasingly consider synonymous with extra fine caviar. The real secret is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vineyard, so the wellbeing of sturgeons determines the quality of caviar.

Care and attention dedicated over the years take our sturgeons to maturity. The extraction method and salting of the roe cannot improve anything,

although it is essential to preserve and protect its original natural quality.

This is the philosophy of Caviar Giaveri. This the reason why our caviar is delicious, as proved by numerous blind tests carried out by experts.It is also excellent from the nutrition and health points of view.




‘Caviar Giaveri’ Beluga Siberian Caviar is a cross between the largest and most sought-after species, Beluga, producing the largest and softest roe, and its Siberian counterpart. Giaveri farms its own Russian sturgeon stocks in the north of Italy in conditions close to the wild. Farming ensures consistently great quality. Use traditional Russian Malossol (low salt) method for the natural caviar flavours to come through, sort and pack the eggs by hand.


The experience of tasting the unique flavour of Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with eggs of big size it is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements. The minimun salting of the Russian tradition matches the characteristic taste of caviar Beluga, favourite food of Zars and Tsciàs, from the most fashionable European courts to the best restaurants in our days.








Oscietra Classic, one of the most prized of caviars, smaller and firmer than the Beluga. The flavour of this extremely tasty caviar is further enhanced by the use of the low salt “malossol” method of salting.



The traditional Russian method "malossol" that Caviar Giaveri uses in producing its products can really exalt this caviar, extremely tasty that needs only a light salting to be appreciated by the most demanding connoisseur. We have been selecting accurately by hand this highly refined Osietra, as we do with all our products. It involves all the senses with perfect identical crisp grains, with an intense golden brown colour and lasting taste of refined delight.





‘Caviar Giaveri’ Siberian Imperial Caviar is obtained from sturgeon species originally from Siberia. It is appreciated by the best connoisseurs because it is comparable to the more famous Osietra. It is most notable for its pleasant texture, freshness, and its delicate, slightly nutty flavour.




The best selection of Siberian caviar, which is from Caviar Giaveri production of sturgeons wide-spreading in Siberian Rivers. It is surely a whim also for the most demanding palate, it is appreciated by the best connoisseurs because it is comparable to the most famous Osietra, it is notable for its pleasant texture, its freshness and that delicate and slightly iodine flavour.








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World of Caviar
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World of Caviar

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