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The journey across the oceans to find the very best oysters has begun!

From France, the famed fourth-generation oyster dynasty, which calls itself “the Rolls-Royce of oysters” – GILLARDEAU;  Loch Fyne Rock oysters from the Scottish Highlands; the KUMAMOTO oyster from Kyushu, Japan, or a homage to Russian tsars, the TSARSKAYA oyster. These are just a few of the oysters we import!

We make sure that "Life's great with the best seafood!"


The famous Gillardeau oysters of Northern France are a labour of love spread over four generations. For French poet Leon-Paul Fargue, eating French oysters was ‘like kissing the sea on the lips’.


Fine de Claire oysters are the smallest and perhaps saltiest. These famous oysters are from the Marenne-Oleron region on the French Atlantic coastline, the largest oyster-producing region in the world with a history dating back to Roman times. Immersing the oysters in shallow salt marshes and allowing time to do its job has provided these French oysters with their international reputation.  


The famous Sydney Rock Oyster is a smaller variety native to Australia, where it is found in small numbers. Deep cupped and sweet, it closely resembles a Kumamoto or small Pacific. 




The Tsarkaya Oysters have been the food of royalty since the dawn of time, including for Roman emperors, French Kings and even Russian Tsars. This fully fleshed oyster is exclusively ripened and produced in the bay of Mont Saint Michel. 


The most famous oyster in the world. Belons are harvested from all over France and finished in special walled ponds (“claires”) in the brackish waters of the Belon River. Also known as European Flats, they are an entirely different genus from the rest of our oysters. They act differently, and they taste different. Way different!  


Coffin Bay is the premier oyster-growing region for South Australia, producing the ever popular ‘Coffin Bay’ Oyster, well known for its quality, flavour and size, and marketed all over Australia and overseas. Coffin Bay is a sleepy coastal town, with the great Southern Ocean on one side and calm, pristine, flat water on the other.  



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