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New Menu at the Dock Thonglor
New Menu at the Dock Thonglor


Welcome to the Dock! 

The Dock is characterised by the signature three-tiered oyster tank and a vibrant open kitchen. Order your favourite dish from our menu or select live seafood items from our tank and have it cooked your way.

We differentiate from other brands by adhering to the philosophy of integrity and traceability. All our fresh produce undergoes a careful procedure to maintain quality throughout the supply chain from source to seafood outlets in 48 hours. If it doesn’t meet the standard, it doesn’t make it to our seafood bars.


Introducing all new menus at the Dock Thonglor by chef 'Pepe's Lopez'. Who has been working in 2 Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona as a Head Chef for 3 years. Now he's here to make another contribution at the Dock. 


Baked Seabream with Bell Pepper Sauce

Best from Mediterranean Sea of North Atlantic Oceans came this grand entrance of the beautifully put baked Mediterranean Seabream

in rich red bell pepper sauce, served with roasted eggplant, grilled bell pepper and basil. Ready to please your palate in every soft and gentle bite. 



Whole Juicy Lobster Rice

American Lobster that highlighted the whole dish perfectly when surrounded by Cloudy Bay Clams from the pristine coastal line of New Zealand, cooked with Japanese rice in rich tomato sauce and white wine.  Served in Portuguese cataplana. 




Pesto Linguine & Salmon Gravlax

Stir-fried linguine pasta with pesto sauce, served with freshly-cured Scottish salmon gravlax and grated Parmiggiano cheese




Dressed Oyster Platter

Fine de Claire oyster served with four dressing: champagne sorbet, tomato jam & basil, Mignonette, Ponzu & Ikura.




The Blondie Seafood Paella

Vibrant Spanish rice dish with an abundant mix of seafood including Tiger Prawns, Cloudy Bay Clams, Tasmanian Mussels and Squid. The rice is slowly cooked in seafood stock seasoned with tomatoes, garlic, paprika and saffron. 



NZ Ōra King Salmon with Baked Potato

Grilled Ōra King Salmon served with baked potato, cooked in rich creamy sauce and homemade fish stock. 



Singaporean-style Chili Red King Crab

Red King Crab, shelled and baked with grated Parmesan and cream topped with wild Alaskan salmon roe.  



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We hope you enjoy your time at the Dock! 



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New Menu at the Dock Thonglor
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New Menu at the Dock Thonglor
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New Menu at the Dock Thonglor
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New Menu at the Dock Thonglor

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