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Freshly prepared by our sushi chefs, making every meal more memorable with 6 Donburi menus and more than 10 selections of sushi & sashimi set. Ready to entice and fulfil your craving.



 TERIYAKI SALMON DONBURI(照り焼きサーモン丼) is a perfect lunch idea that packed full of protein. With Grilled Aurora Salmon with tasty teriyaki sauce. This dish also includes Japanese Cucumber, Crab stick, Ebiko, Pink Pickled Ginger and Marinated Seaweed. 

• TERIYAKI SABA (MACKEREL) DONBURIDonburi is a big bowl of steamed rice with Saba , Crab stick  , Japanese Cucumber , Marinated Seaweed ,Tamago Egg and Ebiko.

 UNAGI (EEL) DONBURI Unadon is the sweet caramelized blends between Unagi (Eel) sauces on top of a grilled Unagi (Eel). 

 TERIYAKI DORY DONBURIThis traditional Donburi is a big bowl of steamed rice with Pacific Dory, Saba sauce, Japanese Cucumber and topped your palette with Pick Pickled Ginger and Nori Seaweed.


Or try out our MIXED SEAFOOD DONBURI or TERIYAKI SALMON steak donburi for a change.



Variety of our SUSHI & SASHIMI set also here to make your lunchtime or date night more special.


This January 2018 heartthrob ‘BENTO SET’ 

Taste a sweet and delicate texture of western Norway with Aurora Salmon Sashimi, Maki, Ebiko California roll, Crab stick, grilled Saba with teriyaki sauce, served with Japanese rice that garnished with black sesame. On the side, we also have Salmon roe, Japanese marinated seaweed, Japanese cucumber and pickled ginger.


Or buy our fresh products to slice your own Sashimi.


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