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January 2018 Catch of the Month
January 2018 Catch of the Month

The Dock January ‘Catch of the Month’

The Dock always selected the best for each month to create a gathering of freshness that you can taste the sublime experience throughout the month. This January, indulge with western Norway finest ‘Fjord Trout Sashimi’ that gathered round US Scallop, all the while clearing your palate with freshly shucked Fine de Claire oysters, straight out of our LIVE TANK! The signature tank that preserved the oyster water condition as if it’s frozen at SEA.


Available now at the Dock Seafood Bar all branches!



Fjord Trout

Native to Norway, the farmed trout spend their early life deep in the fjords exposed to the melt waters from the glaciers, then are moved to saltier environment closer to the entrance of the fjords. 


US Scallop

Considered a delicacy by many, these fine Atlantic Sea Scallops are among the largest of scallops. Very versatile, from simple pan-searing, grilling, added to stir-fries or coated with breadcrumb for deep-frying.


Fine de Claire Oysters

These famous oysters are from Marenne-Oleron on the French Atlantic coastline, the largest oyster-producing region in the world with history dating back to Roman times. Immersing the oysters in a shallow salt marshes and allowing time to do its job has provided these French oysters with their international reputation.  


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