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Fresh Fjord Trout
Fresh Fjord Trout


Fresh Fjord Trout




The Incredible Journey  


Thammachart Seafood an owner-operated business that is passionate about seafood and cares for the environment. Our journey is to source the best fish and shellfish from around the world, from both sustainable and well-managed fisheries to responsibly managed farms to bring the best quality products to you!








The healthiest type of red meat that slowly grew in crystal clear glacial water.


The Uniqueness


Well-known for its beautiful vibrant red colour, tender texture, and delicately balanced flavour, Fjord Trout is a perfect fish to be served raw or as any other dishes which don’t require a lot of seasonings to outshine its irresistible taste and texture.

Born and bred in the Fjords from Western Norway, a spectacular area where fresh glacial water embraces the Arctic currents purest glacial water. Fjord Trout grows slowly in fresh cold water and therefore their meat is firm, yet tender and rich in great nutrition. Fjord Trout can be ordered 52 weeks a year and they will be freshly packed and delivered, in order to preserve the health benefits they provide.







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